Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Vosges Haute Chocolat - Barcelona Bar

Oh Vosges - how I love your exotic chocolate bars...
The Barcelona Bar is a favourite of mine - I have gotten it many times before.

It lures me in with the grey sea salt and hickory smoked almonds and makes me forget that it is not actually dark chocolate but deep milk chocolate.

When I notice this little detail, I sometime hesitate and debate getting another bar, a higher percentage, but then inevitably I give in and buy this one. And every time, I am reminded of how much I love this bar. Vosges' deep milk is so deep that it can almost make you forget that it is milk at all, but then, the incredibly melty smooth creamy chocolate dissolves in your mouth, leaving you with tiny nuggets of almond, minute crunchy crystals of salt and little doubt that this is indeed a milk chocolate.

I love this bar and it may be my favourite of the Vosges Exotic Candy bar collection, but then again, I have yet to try them all.

Cacao power:
4.5 beans Meltiness: 5 beans Flavour Complexity: 5 beans