Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Around the World in a Meme

Ann, from A Chicken in Every Granny Cart, tagged me for this meme quite a while back and since I have to figure out how to answer memes properly in the Exploring blog, I've decided that this blog would be my solution. After all, most of the memes usually end up involving things that I like.

1. Please List Three Recipes You Have Recently Bookmarked From A Food Blog To Try.

2. A Food Blog In Your Vicinity.

  • Me Eats
    Discovered through the Food Bloggers Google Map, Me Eats seems to be incredibly close to me. Even more amusingly, seems to have also recently returned from a trip to Europe with luggage full of smuggled foodie bits. But I haven't done nearly as elegant a job of documenting my treats - I should take note!

3. A Food Blog Located Far From You.

  • Sal's Virtual Tapas Bar
    Always a fun read, Sal's blog is currently letting me live my dream of moving to Spain vicariously. Or making me want to move there even more. Either way, I enjoy it very much.

4. A Food Blog (Or Several) That You Have Discovered Recently (and where did you find it?)

  • Life Begins at 30
    I stumbled upon this recently when researching "Eating Locally" and enjoy it very much. I think I'll have to look into taking part in the challenge, if it isn't too late!

5 - Any People Or Bloggers You Want To Tag With This Meme?

  • Anyone I've mentioned in this post can consider themselves tagged!

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