Saturday, January 05, 2008

Little Projects

Before I can move on to bigger and more fun projects, I'm starting small with little sewing modification deals. Every year, I've been attending* the Portland Marathon in Oregon.

Now Portland is a fantastic city to run in - very well supported, nicely organized, fun music along the way... However, the one place where they consistently fail is in the finisher's jerseys. Inevitably, they're boxy, shapeless men's cut shirts. So I've decided to modify one of mine to have it fit a bit better. I took a picture of one of my unfinished ones, to show you how bad it was.

Note the mock turtleneck, the baggy sleeves and the lack of waistline:
And now, here's my new and improved version (sorry, it's a different colour):

Exciting, no? OK, not really, but have no fear... I have much more exciting sewing projects to show off. Coming very soon!

*I say "attending" because while I've run the race several times now, I've also been injured a couple of times, and only run half or so to support my friend Laura.


Laura said...

Zee shirt, she is rad! This is a huge improvement on a crappy finisher's shirt. Nice rack, too.

Sara said...

Thanks, man! :)