Saturday, April 08, 2006

Primus Olive Oil

A meandering non-productive day led me to A16 right around lunchtime. I'd never been, so I decided to grab a little lunch there. I chose a lovely salad of beets, fennel & shaved pecorino romano, but more on that later.

On the side, I was given some fresh bread with a little dipping bowl of olive oil.
It was phenomenal: fruity and nutty, very flavourful. It reminded me of Ommi, my wonderful Tunisian grandmother, who always had a vat of Tunisian olive that she would scoop out in a little tea cup and occasionally let us dip some fresh baguette into. She often told us that most ailments could be cured with some good olive oil.

Back at A16, I asked what kind of olive oil it was and was told it was Primus olive oil. It was delicious.


Byte64 said...

a couple of days ago i received "A16" from Amazon. I browsed the book while i was in San Francisco, at the home of a friend of mine (the same who took me to Aziza) and it's a fantastic source of rare information even for someone who lives in Italy.
Too bad i could not visit the restaurant while i was over there.


Sara said...

Ciao Flavio! Thanks for the comments - I'll have to check out the A16 cookbook. I do recommend checking out either A16 or SPQR (or both) next time you're in town!)