Friday, April 21, 2006

Ristorante Da Cesari - Bologna

Via dei Carbonesi, 8, Bologna - Telefono: 051 237710

One of my top three* favourite restaurants in Italy, Da Cesari draws me back every year for a culinary pilgrimage. Once you are seated, the waiter will list the items that were prepared that day. A limited menu, but this is perhaps due to that fact that the chef exclusively uses produce from the "Umberto Cesari" farm.

My most recent meal:

A spring antipasti medley:
A delicate artichoke flan with a rich creamy sauce
Roasted sliced artichokes with shavings of sharp pecorino romano
Steamed asparagus topped with a hard boiled egg topping

Hand-rolled spinach pasta with the local specialty ragù
Fresh tagliatelle with a basil pesto

Beef fillet topped with prosciutto and melted cheese

Semifreddi di Zabaglione - This dessert was a masterpiece: I was not able to dicern the liqueur used in the zabaglione but the burnt caramel topping was phenomenal - bitter, creamy and sweet.

* For the curious, my other two favourites are Ombre Rosse in Parma and the recently discovered Osteria della Piazzetta in Rimini.


G said...

We were lucky to get in without reservations for a late lunch, and spent about 3 hours there enjoying the room, the company and the extraordinary food. We were a group of 6 and tried a wide variety of dishes. The setting on the second floor is quite cozy. The service was excellent. We strongly recommend it.

A couple of us had been there about 8 years ago and they were the ones leading us to this place...

Again we were lucky that they decided not to close during "Pasquetta", Easter Monday, since most of the places around the cathedral were.

Sara said...

Hey G - that's great! I just got back there again - have been going every year for the past five years now.

Have to say, it was quite as good as usual this past time, but still quite tasty. Maybe it was just an off night.

Byte64 said...

It would be great to go together to that place if you come over to Italy some day in the future, we live near Bologna and it would be nice to meet once!

In the meanwhile i'm eager to try out this place, i never went there before.


Sara said...

Flavio, What a great idea! I might actually be going there again this spring. If I do, I will surely let you know!

Byte64 said...

excellent Sara!
There are some nice places that you might want to check out as well, you know, Emilia is a quite renowned for its food, so there is plenty of choices...

Sara said...

It's true! I always like to try several new places in addition to hitting the old favourites... Anything you'd especially recommend?

Byte64 said...

Oh yes, i'd recommend Trattoria Monte Donato, via Siepelunga, where you can taste a mix of traditional dishes along with some original and innovative recipes. I went there 10 days ago and i ate an excellent "misticanza con caprino tiepido" (fresh vegetable with warm goat cheese) and also some nice "tagliolini alla zucca e lardo" (home made pasta with squash and pork fat), "trippa alla bolognese" (bolognaise style veal intestines), but there were also other interesting entrées i could not try out. I like this place because the menu keeps changing while preserving some good ole classics like tagliatelle al ragú.

Besides this somewhat "posh" restaurant (as the britons say), there are also a plethora of small places on the mountains nearby where they are serving traditional rural food like tortellini, tortelloni, crescentine, and so on at very reasonable prices.

Clearly it can be difficult for the casual visitor to find the best places without any advice, so that's why I'd love to take you there if there will be an opportunity.


Sara said...

Flavio, that all sounds amazing! we're in :)
I'm salivating just thinking about that... I loooove trippa!